English Language

BIR’s English Language program is designed to lead the language learner to fluency. Students receive the language skills they will need to succeed in academics, the workplace, and everyday life. Start with no English, at an advanced level, or somewhere in between. There are courses for students of all levels. Students will learn English quickly and reach their goals faster. Learn more...

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English Language Test Preparation

BIR’s IELTS and TOEFL iBT® (TOEFL Internet Based Test) Test Preparation program is designed to maximize student test scores. The program focuses on skill building, strategy development, and computer practice drills. At the completion of the course students can also take the TOEFL iBT® test at BIR. Learn more...

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Applied Business Communication

The Applied Business Communication program explores the role of communication in the business world and tasks of writing and editing for business and social media. The program offers students tools and techniques for the effective exchange of ideas in both academic and business settings. The growing demand for individuals possessing skills in business communication and social media marketing creates career opportunities in multiple fields such as public relations, banking and finance, tourism and hospitality, human resources and more.
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Accelerated Study in English Programs (ASEP)

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Computerized Manufacturing and Robotics

BIR's Computerized Manufacturing and Robotics programs allow students access to precision measuring tools, computer software simulators, and computerized production equipment. Manufacturing professionals and shop owners are involved in the design and delivery of student training. Learn more...

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Clinical and Administrative Medical Assisting

Medical Assistants are valuable members of the healthcare team. They perform daily administrative tasks as well as assist with minor clinical procedures. BIR’s Medical Assisting program will provide students with the required knowledge and skills to facilitate clinical care of the patient, in addition to managing patient files and records. BIR will secure externships, prepare students for the Registered Medical Assistant certification exam, and NCLEX exam, and provide assistance with job placement. Learn more...

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Health Information Technology

BIR’s Health Information Technology program provides comprehensive training in all levels of procedural and diagnostic coding, as well as medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology. You will develop administrative skills in medical office management, learn to process medical claims using the latest Medical Billing software, and learn to code common medical diagnostic procedures. Learn more...

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Accounting and Office Administration

BIR’s Accounting and Office Administration program emphasizes a solid understanding of computerized office skills and core accounting principles. Students will learn to maintain computer based records, billing and money management. Students also develop knowledge in the use of computer productivity tools, search engines, and specialized accounting software. Learn more...

Programs & Fees

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