English Conversation Practice Lab

Looking for opportunities to practice your English speaking on a variety of topics?

Would you like to learn and practice useful vocabulary and conversation strategies?

If so, the English Conversation Practice Lab is for you!
  • DEVON LAB 204:Monday 1-2pm; Tuesday 1:30; 2:30pm; Wednesday 1-2pm
  • LOOP LAB 11:Tuesday 1-2pm & 5-6pm; Wednesday 1-2pm & 5-6pm; Thursday 1-2pm & 5-6pm
  • BELMONT LEARNING CENTER: Saturday 12:30-1:30pm
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Improve Your Pronunciation and Accent

Join Us for Pronunciation Practice Lab

  • Discover how to better understand spoken American English
  • Learn useful pronunciation tips
  • Be better understood by native speakers
  • Ask a tutor your questions
  • Devon Lab 204: Tuesdays, 1pm-2:15pm
  • Loop Lab 11: Mondays, 1pm-2pm
  • O'Hare Learning Center: Wednesday, 12:30-1:50pm
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